About us

AmpTech Electric began in 1995 as a small one man operation. We were privileged to have a fine customer base, and the family owned and operated enterprise continued to grow. The father, along with his sons, comprises the management and workforce of the company. In 2012 the business name was changed from Yost Electric to AmpTech Electric to give us a more professional appearance.

We have a diverse resume including residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial projects. We have installed phase converters, drives, motor controls, and large services. All type of conduit work including EMT, IMC, rigid, and PVC have been installed by AmpTech. We have wired warehouses, commercial buildings, and plants. We have experience installing generators, as well as motor controls. AmpTech is always here to provide programming expertise to our customers.

Traditionally we were an electric construction company, but as more employees came aboard, we expanded into service and maintenance. We keep a good inventory on common items so that we can provide a quick service.