Residential Standby Power Solutions

Why do I need standby power at home?

Power outages are increasing in number and severity. There are many causes. -Ice Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes -An aging power grid stretched to capacity -Wildlife in a nearby transformer -Human error by utility employees -Mistakes by construction crews

Why should I install a permanent generator?

Some people try to get by with a portable generator. But unless you're an electrician, there are risks in that approach. Will the generator be ready in a time of need? Will you have enough gas to run it for an extended time? How will you hook it up in the dark during a thunderstorm?

Why choose AmpTech Electric to install your permanent standby power supply?

AmpTech Electric has over 20 years of experience in the electrical field. This experience brings much wisdom and expertise to helping you select the proper transfer switch, generator and installation process. We selected to be a Cummins Power Generation Dealership because we believe Cummins makes the best products on the market.