Electrical Maintenance

Amptech Electric specializes in Electrical Maintenance. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with all your needs.

• Electrical Troubleshooting- Are you feeling frustrated with an electrical problem? All electrical systems need a certain amount of upkeep. Thermal imaging, data logging, or just a good volt/amp meter in qualified hands will usually diagnose the problem.

• Thermal Imaging- This is one of the best preventative maintenance tools out there. Thermal imaging on a yearly basis, with reports, gives you an overview of the health of your electrical system.

• Power Monitoring- Data logging is a powerful tool to help in diagnostic, as well as future planning. Maybe your service needs to be upgraded, or perhaps the issue is not the tripped breaker or blown fuse, but high amps that are not being caught with a typical amp meter.

• Lighting Maintenance- Lighting isn’t something we often think about when it is working properly. A lighting upgrade is an easy and quick way to save money. Good lighting is a theft preventative, makes your facility more attractive at night, and makes it a safer place to work. AmpTech would like to help keep your business or facility illuminated.


Thermal Image of a Breaker Panel


Data Logger Graph