In business since 1995, AmpTech Electric is a premier Cummins generator dealer and electrical contracting firm in north Mississippi.

AmpTech Provides Quality
Assurance & Reliability

AmpTech is known for its excellent customer service.  Reliability is key.  Have your backup power source do all that it should.  AmpTech provides:


Cummins® Generators


Remote Monitoring


Installation &


Electrical Contracting

Reasons to Choose AmpTech

AmpTech provides consultation and installation for all electrical needs.

Don’t risk losing your investment by not planning for backup power.

Doctors’ offices rely on backup power to keep equipment functioning and lab samples safe.

Generators provide back up power for farmers when a loss of power could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

601 N. 42nd Avenue
Macon, MS 33888