Maintenance Plans

AmpTech offers a variety of maintenance programs to meet each company’s unique needs.

Why a Generator Needs a Maintenance Program

Your generator is a complex piece of equipment with many moving parts, electronic sensors and an alternator that must be constantly electronically monitored and adjusted to maintain proper voltage.  In addition, a modern generator’s required compliance with Tier 3 or Tier 4 EPA emission standards creates its own issues.  Proper maintenance is the key to your generator operating properly.  Most generator failures can be classified as neglected maintenance.  If a generator has a good Preventive Maintenance Program it should run smoothly and be trouble free.  The common problems are easily prevented.


Fuel Issues

The most common issue incurred is simply running out of fuel.  Diesel fuel also has a natural degradation process that can cause the engine to malfunction.


Dead Battery

A battery should be changed every three years.


Not on Auto Start

Somehow the automatic start was turned off.


Block Heater Failure

The block heater is on most of the time.  Although most think it is needed in colder climates, it provides consistent temperature in warmer climates as well.


Low Coolant

Most gensets will shutoff before engine damage occurs, which is a positive thing.  But what good is a generator that won’t run?


Pest Infestation

Rats and mud daubers are the most common problem.


Wet Stacking

When a diesel engine is run for short periods of time and under lite load, unburned fuel is exhausted out and builds up on the exhaust side of the engine.  This causes fouled injectors, a buildup of carbon on the exhaust valves and accumulation of carbon on the turbo charger.  This is the reason for periodic load banking.

AmpTech’s preventative maintenance program provides yearly oil and filter changes.

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