Electrical Contracting

Amptech Electric offers a variety of electrical contracting services

With more than 23 years’ experience, AmpTech offers a level of expertise that is reassuring to customers.

New Construction

AmpTech can assist you with planning and completion from the ground up.

Lighting Retrofit

In concert with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), AmpTech has worked to put together lighting retrofit packages that can provide substantial cost savings to customers. It is possible to save energy without sacrificing lighting needs. Ask about having a lighting audit performed at your place of business.


AmpTech provides electrical engineering and construction under one roof. Amp loads, electrical layout, lighting design, conduit fill, wire sizing for voltage drop are just a few of the design solutions provided.

Generator Installation

Is your business ready for a power outage? Do you need your generator to start up automatically? Do you need a generator checkup? AmpTech can help with any generator issue you may experience as well as provide remote monitoring.

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